PSA: Infestation

They’re eating away at everything, destroying what’s not theirs. Incapable of a conscience, they kill needlessly and create havoc. Following leaders blinded by endless greed, they feed corrupt desires and make them their own. And spread like the plaque leaving nothing pure.

We’re building structures furthering the gap from those that have roamed the soil for as long as we have. The most intelligent animals - a self-proclaimed title putting us on a pedestal to separate us from what’s around. Normalizing the unnatural, rupturing the way of the world.

So the question is raised, who are the real pests?

Size : 4 x 4 feet
Style : Realism - hatching and stippling
Medium : Acrylic and Ink on wooden board

Multiple Artists:

  • Prasun Mazumdar

  • Rahul Sawnani

  • Sneha Virmani

  • Sonal Singh

  • Sudarshan Shaw

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Size: Imperial size onwards