Mythical Beasts

Lure of the Golden Deer: "Diversely coloured, amazingly limbed, and spotted with gemlike dapples it is shining forth like a deer that is completely transcendent, and while nonchalantly moving before me it is enlivening the forest like the moon." Jataayu's Confrontation with Ravana: That majestic bird Jataayu with a very sharp beak, appearing like a mountain peak, then uttered words of expediency still perching on a tree.   "Stop off! Stop off! Oh, Decahedral Ravana, learn of me as I jettison you from your best chariot, as with the unloading of a burdensome fruit from its sepals. Oh, nightwalker, I will guest to you in a duel as long as I am alive."
Size : N/A
Style : Vector Art / Digital Art
Medium : NA


  • Prasun Mazumdar

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Size: Imperial size onwards