Knowledge is power, only when it is ever-evolving. Evolving through genes, through veins, through the strides of time & that of space. The goddess of knowledge believes that every space has its own interpretation of the same set of knowledge. As knowledge flows freely through the maze of different layers of the physical world, it transcends into newer forms.

The goddess Saraswati_सरस्वती plays the tune of life, submerged into the holy pool of birth_amrit-kund, while her vahana the swan_sarwahansa, takes a dive to reach out to have a glimpse of the new creation. Every drop is precious, every note is valuable, every tempo is meaningful and every pitch is important.

Saraswati plays the Symphony of Sonar, it radiates from the strings of the DaiviyeVeena and smoothly pierces through the genes of the aquatic life, through the very conscience and physicality of that world, resulting in a new string of change or evolution. She inspires a new change, with the knowledge of "creating the creator", like a womb just like an ecosystem. The ecosystem that eventually gives birth to newness.

The newness that brings in the change that is needed.

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  • Prasun Mazumdar

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