PSA: Extinction

Let’s travel to a time where majesties of nature roam free. Where the pride of the Asiatic Lion rests high. His roar resounding through the forests to oceans where the mighty Gray Whale weaves towards cooler waters to feed.

The grasslands looming with countless creatures coexisting in cyclic harmony. Where flocks of Gazelles feed with Cheetah cubs playing in the same fields. The prey at ease with predators. Because such is the way of nature – a survival devoid of greed.

Let’s go back to canopies abundant with unending hues, flowers blooming towards the sun, creepers with an evolution of leaves climbing onto thickset branches. Enough life in their roots for green moss and multitudes of mushrooming fungi, with a beauty our civilized senses do not make sense of.

Let’s not go hunting for criminal humanity, but demand for gifts of the Earth. Preserve their memory and carry on their legacy, and strive to keep it Alive.

Size : 4 x 4 feet
Style : Realism- hatching and stippling
Medium : Acrylic and Ink on Mdf board

Multiple Artists:

  • Prasun Mazumdar

  • Rahul Sawnani

  • Rahul Sharma

  • Sneha Virmani

  • Sonal Singh

  • Sudarshan Shaw

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Size: Imperial size onwards